MDWebstudio is a one-woman studio for web design, graphic design, online marketing and visual communication, based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. My name is Marloes Dekkers. In 1996, after I graduated as an illustration major from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, I fell under the spell of the Internet and decided to acquire the neccessary skills to perform the art of web design.

When I had worked at different software developers for several years, I decided to take the plunge to self employment  in 2007. I have worked as a freelance web-and graphic designer ever since.

My vision on design is based on the disposition that a design should be ‘experienced’. With the blink of an eye, an image should communicate and evoke the right feeling. The user of a website or web application should be able to get the required information or functionality in a quick and easy way.

For each project I develop an original concept and/or strategy, where I aim for the right balance between design and functionality. An optimal experience of a brand, website, web application, identity or message is always my objective.

I consider it a challenge to get familar with the incentives of a company, product and/or target-market in a way that clients feel recognised and represented by the design or the results of a project.

MDWebstudio is chosen for the professional but informal cooperation, flexibility, no-nonsense approach and dedication to achieve the best possible results. On time and within budget!

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